About Me

     I have 3 beautiful kids and a great husband.  We have had the wonderful opportunity to live in 7 of the great states of the U.S. We currently reside in Ohio, but we are always trying to vacation in new destinations.  One of our favorites is Whistler, Canada.    
     Other than my family I am passionate about my work.  For 20 years I have been a figure skating coach. I love working with my students, whether children, teens or adults it's great to see them master a skill or do a new skill for the first time.  I love seeing the excitement on their faces when they realize they can do it!
     Through the sport of skating, I learned that determination is often more important than natural talent, that sometimes even your hardest is not good enough, and that you can never know all there is to know- you must always continue learning.  
    Writing has always been my favorite way to communicate.  When I was little, I thought it was magical to put pen to paper and create beautiful shapes that also conveyed meaning.  Now it seems magical that I can type something on my screen and anyone in the world can see it.

 I hope you enjoy Imagine Today, and I hope it inspires you to join me in the journey toward accomplishing  goals.  I will try my best to improve myself and get out of my comfort zone.  I know that there are many missteps in my path but I am ready for the challenge.

Other interests:  I love reading history
                         Traveling to new places
                         Cooking international dishes
                         Classical music and opera
                         Learning new things with my family